How to get there

You can get to Lefkada Island with a variety of ways. The Island is connected to the main land by bridge and you don't gat any boat to enter it.

By car
If you are comming from Athens, you will get the National road to Patras, you will pass the Rio Bridge and you will take the road to Amfilochia. At Amfilochia you will turn left to Lefkada and after 60 Km you will enter the Island.

If you are comming from Salonica, you will get the Egnatia National Road. At Ioannina juction you will turn left and you follow the road to Preveza. After 71 Km you will reach Louros village and 5.5 Km after the village you will reach a juction with signs to Lefkada and the immerced tunel. You turn right and follow the signs to Lefkada and immerced tunel. After 26 Km you will pass the immerced tunel Preveza-Aktionand the you follow the road to Lefkada wich is only 35 Km away.

By KTEL Bus service
Lefkada Island is interconnected by KTEL bus service with Athens, Salonica, Patras, Ioannina, Igoumanitsa, Agrinon and Preveza.

By airplane
The international airport of PReveza-Aktion-Lefkas (PVK) joins Lefkada Island with Athens, Sitia (Crete), ionian Islands and major European Cities. Especialy at summer there are lotss of flights from all around Europe.